Wanted man hits, bites and threatens police officers during arrest

By Jennifer Donovan

Major Adam Bellamy
Major Adam Bellamy

Myrtle Beach police officers were assaulted while trying to arrested a wanted man.

At about 6:44 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to the 1200 block of King Street for a person with outstanding warrants.

When officers were placing Major Adam Bellamy, 61, under arrest, he allegedly became confrontational and verbally abusive to the four officers, according to the police report.

Bellamy allegedly kicked one officer in the chest, kicked another in the stomach and hip, the third officer was kicked in the knee and the fourth officer was bitten inside his left bicep.

According to the police report, the bite was deep enough that Bellamy’s teeth marks were visible on the officer’s skin.

The officers then escorted the suspect out of his home to wait on EMS to arrive.

According to the police report, he also stated he tried biting the officers arm off and next time if he had a a gun he would blow him away.

Bellamy was transported to Grand Strand Medical Center and then released to the Myrtle Beach Jail.

In addition to his warrants, Bellamy is facing charges of resisting arrest, assault and disorderly conduct.