MBPD: Woman eats drugs during traffic stop, man also arrested

Jamie Nicole Brock
Jamie Nicole Brock

Authorities said a man and woman were arrested in connection with drug and alcohol charges during a traffic stop, and the woman ate marijuana while sitting in the back of a police car during the arrest.

Jamie Nicole Brock, 24, whose hometown was not listed, was charged with simple possession of marijuana, having an open container and resisting arrest, according to a police report.

While on patrol about 11 p.m. Tuesday, Myrtle Beach police stopped a silver Volkswagen Passat, with a California license plate, in the area of North Kings Highway and Third Avenue North after noticing the car had a broken headlight, authorities said.

Police said they saw an open container of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum behind the driver’s seat.

Authorities said that while in the back of a police patrol car, Brock ate marijuana she had hidden in her pants. Police said they also saw pieces of a green plant substance in Brock’s hair and on her shirt, according to the report.

Officers said that once Brock was at the Myrtle Beach Jail, a small green container came out of her pants when she got out of the patrol car, which police said contained marijuana.

Authorities also said the driver of the car, Casey Adam Hall, 29, whose hometown was not listed, had a suspended license.

Hall was charged with driving under a suspended license, as well as other traffic violations, and simple possession of marijuana, according to jail records.

Hall was also charged with having an open container because he and Brock both denied the open bottle of rum was theirs, police said.

Officers said they also found a small plastic bag of marijuana on Hall during a search.

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