Police searching for suspect after man stabbed at beach access

Authorities are searching for a suspect after a man was stabbed at a beach access point and taken to the hospital with heavy bleeding, according to a police report.

Myrtle Beach officers were called about 11:30 p.m. Monday to a beach access at 70th Avenue North where they said they found a 29-year-old man bleeding heavily from his right wrist, police said.

The victim was immediately taken away by EMS and was uncooperative with authorities due to fear of retaliation, police said.

Authorities said some witnesses there told them they saw the victim and a woman yelling at each other. Witnesses said they saw the suspect trying to get away from the victim in her truck, police said.

One witness told police the victim tried to calm the suspect down. Witnesses said the victim then leaned into the truck when the suspect stabbed him with something, police said.

The suspect then backed out of a parking space and left the scene, hitting a vehicle in the process, according to the report.

Another witness on the scene told authorities he saw the victim hitting the suspect. The witness said the suspect then backed out of a parking space, hitting the victim with a door. The witness also said he saw the victim trying to pull the suspect out of the truck and saw the suspect stab the victim with something, authorities said.

Police said the victim had several cuts on his wrist and were told by hospital staff that the victim might need surgery.

Authorities are actively looking for the suspect.

No arrests had been made in connection with the incident as of Tuesday morning.

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