He was aiming at yard trash, but bullets ended up in a neighbor’s home, cops say

A 21-year-old told police he was shooting at Gatorade bottles and wood pallets in a Longs yard, but what he didn’t know is that the bullets were hitting a nearby home, police said.

A person in the home had to dive to the floor to avoid the rounds, according to a Horry County police report.

On Wednesday, officers responded to Bennie Vaught Road for a report of shots fired. The victim said she was home when she began hearing the gunshots, according to the report. Police saw a shattered window and the screen door was damaged, according to the report. There were several bullet holes in the home, including one that was about 5 feet away from the victim.

The victim told police that a neighbor has two kids who shoot guns, the report states.

Police spoke to the owner and saw several shell casings in the yard, according to the report. The homeowner said his grandson may have been shooting.

Officers spoke to the grandson, Tyriek Hewett, who said he was shooting at the items that were in the direct sightline of the victim’s home, the report states.

Hewett was charged with negligent discharge of a firearm.

Alex Lang is the True Crime reporter for The Sun News covering the legal system and how crime impacts local residents. He says letting residents know if they are safe is a vital role of a newspaper. Alex has covered crime in Detroit, Iowa, New York City, West Virginia and now Horry County.