Duo steals $10K (not a typo) worth of jeans and baby clothes from a Myrtle Beach store

That’s a lot of jeans and baby clothing!

Didn’t someone notice?

Also, how many bags did that take?

A lot of questions remain after Horry County police responded to a reported theft of items valued at $10,000 or more last week. On Tuesday, officers went to the Myrtle Beach J.C. Penney, 10177 N. Kings Hwy, for the reported theft, according to a police report.

A black man and woman entered the store around 11 a.m. and took merchandise from the shelves and put it inside bags, according to the report. The suspects left the store without paying for the items.

Police say the duo may have left in a black Chevrolet Impala.

The police reports states the couple stole 67 pairs of Levi Jeans, 176 pieces of Okie Dokie baby clothes, 30 pieces of Nike girl’s clothing, 10 boy’s shorts and 40 pieces of Nike clothing.

Alex Lang is the True Crime reporter for The Sun News covering the legal system and how crime impacts local residents. He says letting residents know if they are safe is a vital role of a newspaper. Alex has covered crime in Detroit, Iowa, New York City, West Virginia and now Horry County.