How a seat belt violation led to drug charges for three men in Myrtle Beach

Three men are facing charges after Myrtle Beach police found multiple drugs, baggies and a scale during a stop for a seat belt violation early Saturday morning, according to an incident report.

Darrell Laki Ross, 43, Paul Simmons Jr., 26, and Daron Erik Edwards, 42, each are facing drug possession and open container charges from the incident, and police requested warrants for further charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs, the report states.

On Saturday morning, police stopped the vehicle containing the three men for a seat belt violation near Ocean Boulevard and 5th Avenue North, according to the report. An officer noted a strong odor of marijuana when approaching the driver’s side door, the report states. Police apprehended the men, who each had the smell of alcohol coming from them, according to the report.

When police searched the vehicle, they found open beer containers, a scale with a tan powder substance, multiple baggies and two big bags containing over 100 mini baggies, the report states. Police noted that Ross smelt like marijuana during a search and found a Mentos container concealing 58 pills that later tested positive for MDMA — also known as ecstasy — and multiple empty wax strips, according to the report.

All three men were taken to Myrtle Beach Jail and the items were taken as evidence, the report states.