Police arrest underage man sleeping in a vehicle that contained more than 100 beer cans

The party ended abruptly for an Ohio teenager Saturday in Myrtle Beach, and now he’s getting an education on what not to do while on vacation.

A 19-year-old man is facing multiple charges after police found him sleeping in his vehicle, which contained more than 100 cans of beer, a liquor bottle and marijuana, in the parking lot of a teacher supplies store, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Early Saturday morning, police went to Teacher’s Touch & Parents Too, located at 2610 South Kings Highway, for a loitering call, the report states. An officer found the man — later identified as Chase Cameron Shaffer — asleep in a 2015 Ford Escape, according to the report.

The officer knocked on the window, awakening Shaffer, who then rolled down the window, emitting the smell of marijuana from the car, the report states. Shaffer told police he had recently driven to Myrtle Beach on a trip with friends and had gotten into the city at approximately 4 a.m., according to the report.

Police asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and Shaffer said there wasn’t, the report states. Officers asked Shaffer to step out of the vehicle and they conducted a probable cause search in which they found a black throw bag that contained a “wax-like substance” that later tested positive for THC, the main ingredient in marijuana, according to the report.

Upon further searching, police found several cases of beer and a bottle of liquor, which were all hidden inside bags, the report stats. The alcohol included 121 cans of Bud Light, one can of Michelob Ultra and an unopened bottle of Crown Royal, according to the report.

Shaffer was arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana and possession of alcohol/beer by a minor, the report states.