He went to Big Lots hoping to buy date rape drugs, report says. Then Horry cops swarmed.

A 23-year-old agreed to meet at a Big Lots parking lot to buy date rape drugs, what he didn’t know is that the seller was an undercover police officer, according to a report.

Officers reportedly first learned about Andrew Conyers, of Greeleyville, when he made a post on a sex dating site looking for Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine — commonly referred to as date rape drugs. An Horry County police detective communicated with Conyers and agreed to sell some Rohypnol, according to a police report.

Conyers agreed to meet at the Conway Big Lots for the deal and when he called the detective from the meeting location, officers swarmed and arrested him.

When police searched Conyers, they say they found a loaded Glock 19. He did not have a concealed carry permit, according to the report.

Police charged Conyers with unlawful carrying of a pistol and attempting to possess a controlled substance.

Alex Lang is the True Crime reporter for The Sun News covering the legal system and how crime impacts local residents. He says letting residents know if they are safe is a vital role of a newspaper. Alex has covered crime in Detroit, Iowa, New York City, West Virginia and now Horry County.