Woman reports having gun held to her head by masked man during break-in in Myrtle Beach

A man wearing a mask held a gun to a woman’s head after breaking into her home, telling her not to speak or scream as he took a wallet before leaving through a back door, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Early Sunday morning, police said they went to Cedar Street for a reported burglary. Officers were unable to find a suspect nearby before meeting with the victims, according to the report.

The female victim told police she was upstairs watching a movie with her boyfriend and their child when they heard someone come through the back door downstairs. While inside the locked bedroom upstairs, the woman heard the doorknob start to rattle and thought it was the couple’s roommate, according to the report.

When she opened the door, she said she found a man wearing a hat, mask, long sleeves and gloves who then held a black pistol to her head. As the man told the woman to be quiet, her boyfriend woke up and realized what was happening, according to the report.

The suspect allegedly took a brown wallet containing the man’s license and left through the back door. The couple then called police.

No arrests have been made and police are continuing to investigate.

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