How a loitering complaint led Myrtle Beach police to a drug bust

Myrtle Beach police went to the Booker T. Washington community in reference to a loitering complaint and left with a drug bust Thursday, according to an incident report.

Police arrested Oscar Leroy Moore after finding more than 101 ecstasy pills and more than a ounce of marijuana in or on a vehicle in the area of Mr. Joe White Avenue and Warren Street, the report states. Moore admitted the weed was his — while not claiming the MDMA pills — and was arrested for possession with intention to distribute, according to the report.

When officers arrived on scene, they saw several people standing in the roadway near a vehicle, the report states. As police approached Moore and others, some of the people walked away from the vehicle and went toward Warren Street, according to the report.

While officers explained to the people why they were there, another cop noticed a clear plastic bag containing marijuana — that weighed in at 49.2 grams — on the trunk of the vehicle, the report states. Police then conducted a search of the vehicle and found a plastic bag containing 101 1/2 pink pills that were verified to be ecstasy, according to the report.

Moore then admitted the marijuana was his and was placed under arrest, the report states. Once he was taken to jail, police found $990 on him, which they deem “consistent with the sale of narcotics,” according to the report.

The marijuana and money were held as evidence, while the MDMA was placed in contraband because officers could not prove it was in Moore’s possession, the report states.