Drunken man crashes into stopped cop vehicle, injures dog, Horry police say

Police officers had to jump over a guardrail to take cover from a drunk driver who crashed into a police vehicle injuring a K-9, according to a report.

The dog, Ori, suffered a cut to the eye and has since returned to work, police say.

The incident happened on Sunday around 2 a.m. as officers assisted in towing a vehicle after an arrest at Highway 701 and Highway 22, according to Horry County police.

A constable saw a vehicle coming down the road and officers jumped over a guardrail for cover, according to the agency. The vehicle hit the tow truck and then hit a police cruiser head-on.

An officer went to check on Ori inside the cruiser. Ori went to an animal hospital with a cut near the eye and was released by medical staff, according to Horry police.

Police charged Celestino Luria, 42, of Conway with DUI, failure to sign registration card, failure to maintain proof of insurance, possession of more than one driver’s license, and violation of emergency safety scene management law.

Alex Lang is the True Crime reporter for The Sun News covering the legal system and how crime impacts local residents. He says letting residents know if they are safe is a vital role of a newspaper. Alex has covered crime in Detroit, Iowa, New York City, West Virginia and now Horry County.