Horry County police investigate after one person was shot at a Loris motel

Horry County police.
Horry County police.

One person was shot on Friday at a Highway 701 motel in the Loris area.

Horry County police continue to investigate the attempted murder incident. Around 10 p.m., an officer responded to the Loris Motel, 809 N. Hwy 701, for a report of shots being fired, according to a police report.

The officer arrived and secured the scene, but the victim was not present.

Officers found the victim at an emergency room and the victim was transferred to another hospital for treatment, the report states. Horry police spokeswoman Mikayla Moskov said one person was shot in the incident.

The criminal investigations division was contacted and took over the investigation.

The report does not list the suspect’s name or any physical description.

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