He laid his bike down in front of a vehicle, claiming he was hit. He wound up in cuffs

A 45-year-old man was arrested in Myrtle Beach on Friday for filing a false police report in which he said he was hit by a car while riding a bicycle, according to a police report.

A little before 8 p.m., Myrtle Beach police responded to a harassment call at the intersection of 14th Avenue North and North Kings Highway, the report states. The victim said she was at the intersection trying to turn north when the man, identified as Donnie Lee Gore, on a bicycle stopped while trying to go south on the sidewalk, according to the report. She said that when she tried to turn he put his bicycle in front of her vehicle and claimed that she had hit him, the report states.

The victim also told police that he got “really aggressive” and opened her car door and sat in the passenger seat, according to the report. A person who witnessed the incident approached Gore, who then exited the vehicle but stayed nearby as the victim, who said she was afraid at this point, tried to drive away, the report states.

The witness, whose car was behind the victim’s during the incident, corroborated the woman’s description of the incident, saying that when she started to turn Gore “carefully” laid his bike down on the ground in front of her vehicle and began yelling that she had hit him and that he was disabled, according to the report. The witness said she approached because Gore got “really aggressive” with the victim, the report states.

The witness said Gore got into the victim’s car when she tried to pull away, according to the report. The victim said she did not know Gore and was adamant that her car did not make contact with the victim nor his bike during the incident, the report states.

Officers noticed a warped wheel on the front of the bicycle, but there was no corresponding damage to the victim’s vehicle, according to the report. The wheel appeared to have been run over when the victim tried to drive away, the report states. Gore had no injuries consistent with his allegations and told police his knee was hurting from a previous injury, according to the report.

Based on physical evidence and the consistent claims made by the victim and witness, police arrested Gore for filing a false police report, the report states. He was taken to jail for processing, according to the report.

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