Loris teen convicted on armed robbery and kidnapping charges

Quartis Naquan Hemingway
Quartis Naquan Hemingway

An Horry County jury convicted a Loris teen of two counts of armed robbery and kidnapping on Friday.

Quartis Naquan Hemingway, 18, was sentenced to 18 years in prison without the possibility of parole by Judge Michael Nettles after a jury deliberated for about two hours, according to a press release from the Office of the 15th Judical Circuit.

The conviction stems from an armed robbery and kidnapping that occurred on Jan. 17, 2014.

According to authorities, Hemingway contacted the victims in this case and offered to sell them two cars for scrap metal for $500 and told the victims to meet him at Blue Moon Court, in the Loris area of Horry County.

After arriving at that location, Hemingway lured the male victim away from his truck and into a wooded area with the promise of seeing the scrapped vehicles, authorities said.

Hemingway then pulled out a revolver handgun and threatened the victims’ lives and two masked accomplices also came out of hiding and brandished rifles or shotguns, according to the release.

One of the two masked men went back to the male victim’s truck and forced a female victim into the wooded area.

The three men then tied up the two victims using duct tape and demanded money, cellphones and jewelry from them and eventually took it.

The victims were held for about 30 minutes by Hemingway and his accomplices, and all the while the men threatened to kill the victims and everyone in their families if they called the authorities after the incident.

Hemingway also fired a gun in the ground in between the victims’ heads to show the gravity of his threats.

The victims were eventually able to get away from the scene and get help.

Hemingway was on the loose for about four months after the incident, but authorities were able to find him using digital resources and cellphone analysis.

Horry County police were able to determine Hemingway’s identity and got arrest warrants.

The victims gave “powerful and emotionally charged” testimony at Hemingway’s trial when describing what happened to them and identifying Hemingway as the man who threatened them with a gun and was the leader of the incident, according to the release.

Judge Nettles summed up the case during sentencing and called Hemingway’s actions “wicked” and “deliberate,” according to the press release.

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