Myrtle Beach police respond to report of vandalism by coffee at Ocean Boulevard hotel

The Sun News file photo

A man vandalized a Myrtle Beach hotel by throwing coffee on its sign multiple times, according to a police report.

A complainant told police that a man has thrown coffee on the Atlantic Hotel North’s sign multiple times, the report states. The complainant told police he knows the man because he used to live at the property before being evicted, according to the report.

The complainant provided police with a driver’s license that identifies the man, the report states. Officers saw evidence of coffee on the hotel’s sign and reviewed surveillance video that showed a white male wearing khakis and a dark-colored jacket with two white stripes walking down the sidewalk, according to the report. He then is seen throwing the contents from a cup of coffee onto the hotel sign, the report states.

Officers are not requesting a warrant as of now because the video was not clear enough to positively identify the man, according to the report.

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