Declawed: Georgetown Sheriff’s Office say report of cat attack was false

Police say the report of a man being attacked by a large black cat in the Hemingway area was made up.

On Wednesday, the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office announced that Rickey Wesley Lynch’s report of being attacked by “a large black cat” that “dragged him into a ditch as he was walking” was false.

Police charged Lynch with filing a false police report and breach of peace.

Lynch, 33, of Hemingway, told police he was attacked while walking in his neighborhood on Monday. Deputies spent hours patrolling the area after the reported incident, according to the sheriff’s office.

Lynch went to the hospital after the alleged attack.

“The victim said he saw a cub cross the road just before he felt something grab his pants leg and drag him to the ground. He said the animal ripped his shirt sleeve off before walking away and making a “crying noise,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook in the immediate aftermath.

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