N.C. man arrested following report of woman being stripped and assaulted on beach

Mitchell Clark Hodge
Mitchell Clark Hodge

A North Carolina man was arrested after a woman had her cellphone thrown in the ocean, was publicly stripped naked and assaulted, according to a police report.

Mitchell Clark Hodge, 20, was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence Wednesday, according to jail records.

Myrtle Beach police were called about 7 p.m. Wednesday to a hotel at 1501 S. Ocean Blvd. where 20-year-old woman and a witness each gave different accounts of an incident, authorities said.

The victim said Hodge got angry with her when she gave a man she met on the beach her phone number, so Hodge took her cellphone and threw it in the ocean, police said.

The victim told police she got upset and jumped on Hodge’s back. She said he pushed her off and then the incident was over at that point.

A witness, however, told police that he saw Hodge tear off the victim’s bathing suit top and bottom and left her naked on the beach, according to the report.

The witness stated she lay down and covered herself in sand before someone brought her a towel to cover up with, police said.

The witness told authorities the victim then got up to get her belongings and go when Hodge punched her in the face, threw her down on the ground, and tried to choke her.

The witness said that another man came up and put Hodge in a headlock so he would stop assaulting the victim.

Police said the victim was in a hotel room still wearing a towel when they arrived and that Hodge was found on the beach and taken into custody.

The victim denied emergency medical services and refused to allow police to photograph her injuries. She also told authorities she and Hodge were from North Carolina and that he did not assault her.

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