Girl says she was spanked, bruised for refusing to eat a cold hotdog. Man charged

Horry County Sheriff's Office

A 10-year-old girl told police she was bruised from a spanking and forced to do crunches as punishment for refusing to eat a cold hotdog, according to an Horry County police report.

James Dillon Lawson of Galivants Ferry has been charged with cruelty to children for allegedly connecting on “three licks” to the girl for “being disrespectful, talking back repeatedly” and refusing to “listen or obey rules,” the police report states.

Police responded to a residence on Martin Lane in Conway on Nov. 25 for a report of possible assault or cruelty, according to the police report. A man who made the report was at the victim’s house and told police that he’d picked her up Nov. 21 for the Thanksgiving holiday and took her to a house in North Carolina, where bruises on the child’s lower back were discovered during a bath, the report states.

The girl told the man that prior to being picked up that day Lawson had spanked her multiple times after she refused to eat the skin off a cold hotdog, according to the report. She also told him that Lawson had given her a bag of frozen corn to sit on because her back was hurting, the report states.

The man contacted law enforcement in North Carolina and Horry County, whose officer advised him to take pictures of the injuries, according to the report.

The girl told police that Lawson spanked her because she was back talking and accidentally yelled because she didn’t want to eat the cold hotdog, the report states. She said she had to sit in timeout and, when she refused to eat the hotdog a second time, he spanked her and made her sit in timeout and do crunches, according to the report.

She then showed police the bruises on her back, which were visible on her lower back and right hip area, the report states.

Police contacted the South Carolina Department of Social Services, which put a “safety plan” in place until further investigation was completed, according to the report.

Lawson admitted to giving the girl “three licks” but said there was no bruising when she left the residence on Nov. 21, the report states.

Lawson was arrested Thursday on a cruelty to children (torture, deprivation) charge and released Friday on personal recognizance bond as the case is pending.