Police investigators describe blood found in trailer where man was beaten to death

Blood on a front door, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and living room were just some details investigators encountered in the home where Roy Davis was beaten to death with a baseball bat.

The murder trial for Davis’ accused killers — Diane Durkin and James Rosenbaum — entered its second day of testimony Wednesday. Prosecutors say in 2016 the two lured Davis to their mobile home where they killed him. Most of the beating was captured on a 911 call and played for a jury on Tuesday.

Durkin and Rosenbaum claim Davis was trying to rape Durkin.

Horry County police crime scene investigator Jill Domogauer took the witness stand for most of Wednesday morning. She described the inside of the trailer by showing the jury photographs taken by the crime scene unit.

Prosecutors previously described the crime scene as “gruesome.”

Domogauer said there was blood near the front door and blood pools in the living room. She then described the kitchen.

“You see a dining room table and another cellphone and see the sink,” she said, “and [blood] splatter on the cabinets and appliances.”

Domogauer talked about finding a purple bat near Davis’ body at the scene. As she handled the bat from the witness stand, Domogauer said there is still blood on the barrel.

She also told police detectives about finding a folded shirt at the scene. Prosecutors say that shirt belonged to Davis.

During cross-examination, Domogauer said they collected some swabs of blood, but those were not tested by the state’s crime lab. None of the areas of the home were fingerprinted. Investigators did not find any illicit drugs in the trailer, she said.

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