Report: Man ran toward woman at Carolina Forest ATM during armed robbery attempt

Photo courtesy of Horry County police
Photo courtesy of Horry County police

A man pointed what looked like a gun and ran toward a woman parked at a Carolina Forest ATM Saturday night, an Horry County police report states.

When the woman saw him coming, he ran away, police said.

Horry County police met the victim at Bojangles on Renee Drive about 6 p.m. after she reported an attempted armed robbery.

The victim said she was at the Carolina Trust freestanding ATM at 269 Carolina Forest Blvd. when she saw a dark sedan across the parking lot, a police report states. A vehicle pulled near her quickly and a man pointed something under his sleeve that looked like the shape of a gun, police said. The suspect ran toward the woman before running away after she “recognized him,” a report states.

Mikayla Muscov with Horry County police said it’s unclear at this time if the suspect “ran away because he was spotted, or because of some knowledge he had of the victim in particular.”

The suspect is described as a white man in his 30s who is 5-foot-9 with a goatee, pointy nose, blue eyes and was wearing a dark hoodie and jeans, the report states.

No suspects have been arrested.

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