Myrtle Beach area man who killed, cut off coworker’s genitals seeks new trial

A man convicted of cutting off a coworker’s genitalia while beating him to death filed his latest appeal.

Eric Andrew Rieb filed an appeal — this one called a post-conviction relief request — this month in Horry County Circuit Court. Rieb alleges that his trial attorney was ineffective and that his first post-conviction attempt violated due process. His previous appeals attempts were rejected.

Rieb was convicted of murder, aggravated assault and petit larceny. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison and currently is at Ridgeland Correctional Institute.

Eric Rieb South Carolina Department of Corrections

According to court records, in March 2000, Joe Award hired Rieb to work at Outrigger, a seafood restaurant. Rieb was quickly fired and then rehired.

In November, Rieb was at his North Myrtle Beach apartment with coworkers Blake Josephs and Jeremiah Larson. Award continuously call Rieb, asking him to come over for drinks. Employees at the restaurant knew Award was gay, records state.

Eventually, Josephs and Lawson suggested Rieb go over to Award’s house, and Rieb walked the mile to Award’s South Ocean Boulevard home.

Less than an hour later, Rieb called his own apartment and told Josephs he killed Award. Josephs then reported the crime to police.

Officers went to Award’s home and saw Rieb trying to flee through a window. He eventually peacefully surrendered.

Police searched Rieb and found Award’s severed penis in his pocket, according to court records. Officers also found a steak knife on Rieb.

In the home, officers found Award still alive with his groin area exposed and “severely mangled,” court records stated. Emergency medical crews responded, but Award died.

Rieb told police that he and Award were drinking and he lost consciousness. He woke up with Award begging him to perform oral sex, according to court records. Rieb admitted that he hit Award in the head with a six-pound brass chalice. He also recalled stomping on Award’s ribs while the victim lay on the floor.

Rieb told police that he didn’t remember wielding a steak knife or cutting the victim.