A package had 2,000 grams of pot. Defense lawyers say it’s a case of a wrong address.

Myrtle Beach police arrested one man Tuesday at a house on Wildwood Dunes Trail.
Myrtle Beach police arrested one man Tuesday at a house on Wildwood Dunes Trail.

Two people arrested with more than 2,300 grams of marijuana were victims and had no idea drugs were inside a package delivered to their Myrtle Beach home on Tuesday, their lawyers said.

Myrtle Beach police charged Marion Barnhill, 45, and William Boeving, 49, with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Boeving was also charged with possession of testosterone. Officers arrested the two on Tuesday at a Wildwood Dunes Trail home near The Dunes Golf and Beach Club.

Defense Attorney J. Stephen Grooms said he believes Barnhill and Boeving will be cleared of charges.

He said the package was delivered as part of a police operation. Boeving opened it, saw what was inside, closed it and marked it return to sender. Boeving was sitting in the kitchen when police entered. The package was not addressed to anyone at the home.

“It’s a shaky case at this point,” Grooms said.

Grooms prosecuted drug charges as a solicitor and said there are cases where people ship drugs to an address that they believe is vacant. They then pick up the package after its delivered to a porch.

Police also found 12 vials of testosterone in the home and charged Boeving with possession of a controlled substance. Grooms said Boeving has a prescription for the substance.

Cpl. Thomas Vest with Myrtle Beach police said packages of THC edibles and THC pens were found.

Neither Barnhill nor Boeving have criminal histories. A police officer said he did not consider them a flight risk. Judge Glenn Ohanesian granted personal recognizance bonds for the two, though he noted it was unusual given the amount of drugs. The police officer did not object to the defense’s request for personal recognizance bonds.

Boeving’s bond totaled $30,000 and Barnhill’s bond was set at $25,000.

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