She opened her bedroom curtain, saw him laughing and setting a fire, cops say

A woman opened her bedroom curtain after hearing someone at the window and saw a man, who had followed her home, laughing while allegedly setting a fire early Tuesday morning, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Police say a 43-year-old man followed the woman who was walking from the store to her home on Oak Street. The man allegedly threatened to “burn you both out, make sure you can’t get out and will see you dead,” a report said. The report is unclear about who else the suspect threatened to “burn.”

The woman told police she did not say anything to the man while he was cussing at her as she walked home.

An incident report said the suspect once lived at the same residence, but did not mention the relationship between the victim and suspect.

After going into her home and to the bedroom, she heard the man at the window, pulled the curtain back and saw him setting a fire, the report said. Police said the suspect then started laughing and said, “I told you, (explicit).”

The victim called 911, police said, and the suspect took off on foot.

Officers went to the home just after midnight and said there was a lingering smell of fire and a pile of leaves. The fire was partially out when police and the fire department arrived, the report said.

Authorities said warrants will be sought for Christopher Dennie Aniello for first-degree arson.

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