He was held at gunpoint and forced to drive around Myrtle Beach to get cash, cops say

He was leaving the Masters Gentleman’s Club and getting into his vehicle when he felt a gun pressed to his back, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

The 31-year-old victim told police a man demanded his money and then forced him to drive around to banks to withdraw cash. Officers met the victim on Seaboard Street about 4 a.m. Sunday after the incident, a report said.

The suspect, a white man in his 30s who was wearing sunglasses and panty hose over his face, allegedly told the victim to drive him from Masters on Mr. Joe White Avenue to Conway National Bank off 21st Avenue, a report said. After withdrawing $200 for the suspect, the victim was forced to drive to TD Bank on 21st and Oak Street, police said.

But the transaction was denied, according to the report.

The 31-year-old said the suspect forced him to drive to Target and drop him off, authorities said. When they got to Target, the suspect allegedly put a gun to the victim’s head and told him to get out of the vehicle.

Police said the victim then watched the suspect drive away in his vehicle toward the Office Max parking lot. The vehicle was found there, authorities said.

The suspect was wearing a light-colored shirt and shorts, the report said.

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