They found the bullet lodged in a child’s book at a Conway-area home, cops say

Horry County police say someone fired shotes into a Conway-area home Monday, and one bullet punctured through six children’s books before lodging into a hardcover book.

Authorities said the suspect is unknown.

Officers were called about 9:30 p.m. to Beverly Richard Street after reports of shots fired. Police said a vehicle at the home had about four bullet marks, but didn’t go completely through the vehicle, and the back glass was broken from the impact of the bullets.

Authorities found bullet holes in the home, including a bullet that went through the aluminum siding of the mobile home, through a bedroom door and wall, police said. Police also found a 9mm buller that had penetrated through six children’s books and was lodged in a Mickey Mouse hardcover book, a report said.

Another bullet was shot through the home about four inches above a bunk-bed mattress, authorities said.

Officers said eight bullets were found in the home and vehicle, and nine shell casings were in the street and ditch.

Police said a neighbor saw a dark-colored SUV leave immediately after the shooting.

A woman, who was the only one in the house at the time of the shooting, was visible shaken, police said. She told officers about an hour and a half before the shots fired into the home, about seven children and several adults had been in the home.

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