He slammed into a cop with his motorcycle, but that didn’t stop him, police say.

A 28-year-old man faces nearly a dozen charges after fleeing from North Myrtle Beach police on his motorcycle Saturday night and striking an officer, who was also on a motorcycle, according to an incident report.

Donald Aaron Morton of Myrtle Beach is charged with resisting arrest with a deadly weapon, hit and run resulting in damage to attended vehicles, and numerous other charges from the chase.

Donald Aaron Morton.jpg
Donald Aaron Morton Courtesy of J. Reuben Long Detention Center

An officer attempted to stop Morton after he allegedly sped up toward a crosswalk, almost hitting pedestrians, and then started revving his motorcycle engine at Main Street and Ocean Boulevard, the report said.

Fleeing from police on Main Street, the suspect made a “right handed maneuver” like he was going to turn on Hillside Drive, but then went toward Highway 17, police said. Morton then changed gears, began to speed up and would not pull over, the report said.

The officer stopped trying to pull Morton over, the report said, and called for police to try to cut him off down the road. Police said the suspect then popped a wheelie, accelerating recklesslyand then driving between vehicles along the dotted while line.

Police found the suspect stepping off his motorcycle at the swing bridge at S.C. 9 and Little River Neck Road, the report said. Morton then allegedly started riding in between cars around the swing bridge and directly at an officer, authorities said. The suspect struck the officer’s motorcycle, knocking the motorcycle over while the officer was stilling seated, the report said.

The officer was not injured during the incident, said North Myrtle Beach spokesperson Patrick Dowling.

After allegedly hitting the officer, the suspect struck a curb and was thrown onto the sidewalk, police said. Morton began to run into the woods, but was caught by police, the report said.

The motorcycle allegedly had a registration sticker from another vehicle and no insurance, the report said. Authorities said Morton’s license was suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets.

Morton was arrested and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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