He broke into her home, ate a corn dog and left on her bike, Myrtle Beach cops say

Myrtle Beach police were flagged down by a woman early Tuesday morning near 3rd Avenue South after she allegedly saw a man who broke in and was eating a corn dog in her home, according to an incident report. The suspect then rode away on her bike, police said.

Police drove the woman back to her apartment about 1:30 a.m. after she flagged the officer down at U.S. 501 and 3rd Avenue South, a report said. The lights were on at the home and the door was slightly open, but the house was empty, authorities said.

The victim told police she was unable to call to report the incident because she didn’t have a phone, which was why she flagged the officer down.

About 9:30 a.m. Monday, the woman left her house and came back about 1:30 p.m. to a man standing inside eating a corn dog, the report said.

Officers said the door frame was damaged from an earlier time, which was how the suspect got inside the apartment.

The suspect told the woman he was hungry and stopped by to get something to eat, authorities said. Police said the man left and the woman saw him riding away on her bicycle.

At that point, the victim noticed her phone was missing.

The woman told police she recognized the suspect, who she met the year before, but she did not know his name.

As police were leaving, the victim saw a black hat that did not belong to her and she had never seen before, the report said. Police took the hat and put it into evidence.

Officers were not able to find any fingerprints on the front door or the corn dog box, the report said.

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