He was convicted in connection to a CCU student’s death, now he wants out of prison

Alfred Dunkin
Alfred Dunkin

A 23-year-old asked a judge to review his case as he spends 14 years in prison in connection to the killing of a Coastal Carolina student.

Alfred Dunkin filed this week in Horry County Circuit Court his post-conviction rights appeal. A judge sentenced Dunkin in October 2017 on charges of armed robbery and accessory after the fact of murder.

In his appeal, Dunkin stated that his lawyer was ineffective and never informed him of his appeal rights. He also says his plea was not knowingly and voluntarily offered. He provided no further explanation of his issues with his case in the hand-written court filing.

SC Department of Corrections

Police arrested Dunkin and Jordan Principe and charged them with murder for killing Craig Gerald Gray Jr. Gray was a computer science major at CCU and was shot at the University Suites apartment complex in November 2015.

Prosecutors described the killing as a robbery gone wrong. Dunkin pleaded to aiding and abetting Principe in the armed robbery plan and hiding the murder weapon.

Principe pleaded to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Neither Principe or Dunkin were CCU students at the time of the killing. Dunkin is being held at the McCormick Correctional Institution.

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