He took photos up women’s, teens’ skirts at Barefoot Landing then fled, cops say

A husband shopping at Barefoot Landing said a 27-year-old man was taking photos under his wife’s skirt, as well as other women’s and teenagers’ skirts, on Tuesday evening, according to a North Myrtle Beach police report.

Yacob Prong Tou, 27, of Greensboro, North Carolina, is charged with sex/peeping Tom, eavesdropping or peeping and resisting arrest, authorities said.

Officers found a large crowd gathered outside of shops about 8:30 p.m., and spoke with the husband who said he saw a man in a blue shirt pretending to look at merchandise in Earthbound with his phone out, a report said. The man said Tou was allegedly trying to take a photo underneath another woman’s skirt. The man’s wife had just told him she saw Tou trying to take photos under her skirt, a report said.

The woman’s husband confronted the suspect by grabbing the suspect’s phone, which was when he noticed the camera app was showing on the screen, officials said. The report is unclear what happened after the confrontation.

The suspect allegedly did the same thing to a juvenile in Earthbound, and also accused of bending down with his phone pointed up in Tiki Jim’s, police said. A juvenile, who said she heard someone yelling that Tou was taking pictures, told police the man taking photos said, “I’m done,” and then left the store, authorities said.

Tou told officers he was taking photos of necklaces when a witness accused him of taking photos up skirts, authorities said.

Tou refused to show police photos on his phone, and tried to throw the phone into the lake, the report said. An officer caught the phone and Tou tried to run but the officer caught him, causing both of them to fall to the ground, a report said.

The suspect was arrested and taken to J. Reuben Long Detention Center. He was still incarcerated Wednesday morning, online records show.

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