‘We saw you’: Someone threw a dog out of a speeding SUV in Myrtle Beach, witness says

Screen grab from Brett Branham’s Facebook page -
Screen grab from Brett Branham’s Facebook page -

A dog has “significant” injuries after bystanders say they saw her thrown out of a moving vehicle along an intersection in Myrtle Beach Monday afternoon. Now they want to know who did it.

One of the witnesses, Brett Branham, took to Facebook about the incident asking for the public’s help in identifying the dog’s owners. He posted a video holding the injured pup that has gone viral within a day with over 17,000 shares and almost 350,000 views.

According to Branham, a person threw the dog out of a red SUV traveling about 45 mph.

“This is for the despicable person who just threw this dog out of their moving vehicle on 38th Avenue North and Robert Grissom,” Branham said in the video. “We saw you. You have a red SUV. This beautiful dog. You couldn’t think of anything better to do than just throwing this dog out of your moving vehicle going 45 mph?”

In an update, Branham said the dog is “in good care” at Ark Animal Hospital in Surfside Beach, but “her injuries are significant.”

Jeanie Bombolis, a vet tech at the animal hospital, said the 1-year-old dog has a fractured leg and cuts on her body.

“It has a right femoral fracture and numerous abrasions,” Bombolis said. “It is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and walking on three legs. It’s nice and bright, alert and responsive.

“The conditions are stable at his point and when they become stable enough, there is a possibility of a specialist taking care of that fracture repair, but that is yet to be determined.”

Branham created a GoFundMe page for “Good Sam,” the name Ark Animal Hospital gave her. The funds will go toward her medical expenses.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department is investigating the incident. The incident report was not available at the time of this report.

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