Police: Man arrested after punching 72-year-old, threatening to kill officer’s family

Cedric Cobb.
Cedric Cobb. Courtesy, J. Reuben Long Detention Center

A man was arrested Thursday after Conway police said he punched a 72-year-old woman, tied up another woman, stole $160 and threatened to kill a police officer’s family.

Cedric Cobb, 24, is charged with assault and battery, kidnapping, strong-arm robbery and threatening the life, person or family of a public official.

Around 2 a.m. Thursday, officers were called to an apartment on the 1700 block of Shady Moss Court where they found the 72-year-old woman with a deep laceration above her left eye, and a pool of blood on the floor near a couch.

Police said the suspect, identified in the report as Cobb, had punched her repeatedly with a closed fist in an attempt to steal $160.

The suspect then tied up another woman by the ankles with bedsheets before he left, officers wrote in the report.

Cobb was later arrested trying to leave the scene on foot, officers said, adding that Cobb threatened to kill a police officer and the officer’s family after he got out of jail.

According to police, $160 was found on Cobb, who admitted to assaulting one woman and tying up another while trying to take the money.

Records show Cobb was still in jail as of Friday afternoon.

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