He jumped into an elevator to get away from suspect pointing a knife, cops say

A 50-year-old man said he boarded an elevator at a Myrtle Beach resort parking garage to get away from a man pointing a knife at him, according to a police report.

Elvin Legrande Thornbrew, 53, was arrested Sunday afternoon in the incident and charged with attempted armed robbery, according to Myrtle Beach Jail records.

Police spoke with the victim who told them the suspect tried to solicit money from him while he waited for an elevator on the first floor of the parking garage at Breakers Resort on 2004 N. Ocean Blvd.

The victim said he told the suspect he didn’t have any money, but the suspect continued asking, then pulled out a pocket knife as the victim moved toward an elevator, he told police.

The victim reported the suspect’s knife was pointed at him, and he shouted at the suspect to “get back and placed his right hand under his shirt and onto his concealed weapon as a precaution,” according to the report.

He was able to get into an open elevator, and watched from a window as the suspect ran across the street to the resort’s registration building.

He told police no money was taken from him during the encounter.

Officers arrested the suspect, and he told them that he wasn’t trying to rob the victim, but was attempting to sell him his pocket knife to make the $25 he needed for his weekly motel rental, police said.

He told police he stated “This is all I have,” as he showed the victim the knife, according to the report.

Police reviewed surveillance footage and said it showed the suspect pull out a knife as the victim moved toward the elevator, the report states.

“The footage shows the pocket knife was completely opened and it was pointed directly at the victim,” police stated in the report.

The suspect was then arrested.