The cabbie knew who ripped him off, police say. She had showed off her mugshot

Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas

A Myrtle Beach woman was released from jail Thursday morning, only to have police begin a search for her later that evening for a different crime, police say.

According to an incident report, Myrtle Beach police knew to look for 21-year-old Stephanie Thomas after she showed her mugshot to a cab driver — who she allegedly swindled out of $100 — and left an envelope with her name on it inside the cab.

When police arrived at 6th Avenue North and Flagg Street around 10:45 p.m., a driver for City Cab told officers he gave Thomas a ride from Loris and dropped her off near 6th Avenue North.

Thomas allegedly told the driver she was going to get money from a nearby hotel room, but ended up walking away from the hotel down the sidewalk, the report says.

The driver followed her for a bit, returned back to the taxi to turn it off, and when he went back to look for Thomas, he said he believed she got into a white Jeep Cherokee.

He also told police Thomas said she got out of J. Reuben Long Detention Center earlier that morning and showed him her mugshot, according to the report.

Online jail records show Thomas was released from jail at 11:52 a.m. on Feb. 1, after being incarcerated for months due to prior charges.

Police say Thomas left a black jacket, a hairbrush and a piece of an envelope with her name on it inside the cab. The driver still had Thomas’ phone number from when she called for a cab, so an officer tried calling her.

When she answered the phone, the officer told her he would like to meet with her, then she hung up, the report says.

The total cab fare was $100.10 and police requested a warrant for defrauding a cab fare.

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