Funny money for ‘Motion Picture Use Only’ strikes again

Stock image of fake $20 bills seized in Rock Hill last year.
Stock image of fake $20 bills seized in Rock Hill last year.

For the second time in less than three months, Myrtle Beach police are investigating a report of fake $20 bills marked for “Motion Picture Use Only” used in the city.

Two of the silver screen bills were reported to police Sunday after the phony currency was used to buy Dominos Pizza the night before.

A man at the 1706 S. Kings Highway pizzeria told police that an employee took the two $20 bills for payment Saturday, but they didn’t realize the bills were fake until they counted and checked the money.

The Dominos staff could not pinpoint in which transaction the bills were used, according to an incident report. Both bills were marked with the same serial number of PR10008679P, police said.

On Sept. 16, a man at the Circle K gas station on Oleander Drive told police that a guy asked for change for a $20 bill. He gave the guy change, but then realized the bill was fake after noticing it was marked “for motion picture use only,” according to another incident report.

The suspect fled the scene, leaving a car and a dog behind, police said.

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