An SUV chased a man down and hit him in Ocean Blvd. parking lot, cops says

A 39-year-old told police he was chased down and hit by an SUV early Sunday morning in an Ocean Boulevard parking lot, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Officers were called about 12:30 a.m. to a parking lot area along the 2200 block of South Ocean Boulevard for a crash that turned out to be an aggravated assault, the report says.

Police on scene noted the victim was uncooperative with them, and only said he was hit by the driver of a white SUV, who then drove away.

Witnesses told police they heard the vehicle driving erratically in the gravel lot, so they went outside their hotel room to see what was happening. Both witnesses said they saw a white SUV trying to hit the victim, and said they saw the driver do a doughnut around the him.

They said they saw the victim running from the SUV as the driver chased him down and hit him, the report says.

The victim then tried to crawl toward parked cars in the lot after being struck, the witnesses said.

Police viewed surveillance footage from a nearby hotel and said they saw the victim and driver of the SUV go to the vehicle and saw another person get out. The suspect and victim stayed in the SUV and headed toward the gravel lot, authorities said.

The victim got out of the SUV and looked to be arguing with the driver, police noted. The victim started to bang on an SUV window, and began to chase after it as the suspect drove off.

The suspect drove around the victim in circles and came close to hitting him, according to police. After that, the victim started running away, and the suspect chased after him and hit him with the SUV before leaving the area.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.