They heard footsteps on the strip mall roof, then called the cops

An employee at a strip mall in Myrtle Beach alerted police after hearing footsteps on the business’ roof Thursday night.

Officers came to investigate about 8:00 p.m. at a chain of stores on the 1100 block of Seaboard Street. When police checked they saw a trial of fresh footprints covering the roof along multiple businesses of the strip mall.

The path of prints ended at a roof ladder, and police said they also noticed a large, square roof vent was damaged. Authorities said they saw two cups inside the area where the roof vent was pulled off.

The vent looked to have been forced off, but then put back and held together by some screws and duct tape, officers noted.

Police didn’t find anyone there, but did discover two abandoned bicycles near the ladder leading up to the roof, which were taken as evidence.

Officers estimated the damage done on to the roof vent totaled to about $200, the report says.