Teen accused of breaking into friend’s home to steal a handgun to be tried as juvenile

A teen accused of breaking into a friend’s house to swipe a handgun was arrested in the first-degree burglary case on Monday.

“The offender had been talking a lot about needing a gun, but he would never say why he needed it,” witnesses told Myrtle Beach police in an incident report. One of the kids in the home told police that the suspect knew guns were in the house and that one of them was on an end table in the parents’ bedroom.

That gun was missing when the family returned home from a dinner outing Monday night, according to the report.

One of the juveniles at the home told police that they had asked the suspect to turn away as they hid a key to the home when they were leaving.

A surveillance system at the home recorded the young teen returning while the family was out. The footage captured the “offender walking up to the porch” and “lifting a number of items off the porch, possibly searching for something small,” according to the report. “The offender located the key that was hidden ... and makes entry into the residence.”

The footage shows the teen offender leaving the home with “a small bulge in the small of the back near his waistband,” the report stated.

The teen will be tried as a juvenile in the case and because of his juvenile status he is not named in the report.

“Officers were able to identify the suspect and locate him at his residence. The handgun was recovered and will be returned to the owner,” said Capt. Joey Crosby of the Myrtle Beach Police Department.