Three men accused with murdering two Sunhouse clerks remain in jail after court appearance

Family members of a convenience store clerk killed last month told an Horry County Magistrate Court judge that the three men accused in her shooting death should not be allowed to “see daylight again” during their first court appearance Saturday afternoon.

“I hope they rot in hell,” said Samantha Stull, sister of 30-year-old Trisha Stull. Trisha Stull was shot and killed at the Sunhouse convenience store on Oak Street in Conway on Jan. 24.

Jerome Jenkins, 20, of Finklea and brothers McKinley Daniels, 33, of Loris, and James Daniels, 27, of Nichols, and each are charged with two counts of murder, three counts of armed robbery, three counts of using a firearm during a violent crime, and one count of attempted murder.

Judge Margie B. Livingston told the three men bond could not be issued on murder charges at a magistrate court. A Circuit Court judge will set bond at a future hearing.

“This is a first appearance hearing,” she said. “Based on the nature of the offenses that are before this court, I am going to deny bond at this point. ... Emotions are high at this time and accusations have been made, but I am not here to determine guilt or innocence at this time.”

Trisha Stull’s family members told Livingston the entire family, including Trisha Stull’s 11-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son, hope that the three men accused in her death remain in jail.

“For people that do these types of crimes like this, it has got to stop,” said Richard Stull, Trisha Stull’s father. “I don’t want these people to ever see daylight again if they don’t get what I really want them to get.”

Family members told Livingston that Trisha Stull was engaged to the half-brother of McKinley and James Daniels.

McKinley Daniels told Livingston that he knew Trisha Stull and would not have hurt her.

“If I went into that store to rob that store and I saw that girl, I would not have robbed that store,” he said. “I knew that girl. Her fiance and I have the same father. ... They got the wrong people.”

Sherry Stull, Trisha Stull’s mother, said Jenkins is the one who shot and killed her daughter in the store.

“She gave him all the money, cigarettes, everything,” she said. “So did Bala [Paruchuri]. There was no reason [to kill them]. Just senseless.”

Paruchuri was killed during a Jan. 2 armed robbery at the Sunhouse convenience store on Highway 905 in Longs.

Jenkins denied any involvement during the court appearance Saturday.

“I just want to tell the family I apologize,” he said. “I didn’t do it, but I knew about it.”

All three men said they have children on the way. Jenkins said he has two children and his fiance is expecting a baby. James Daniels said he has a 4-year-old daughter and his girlfriend is pregnant. McKinley Daniels said he has two children on the way. All said they have family ties in the area.

Police announced the arrests in a press conference Friday, and said the captures were the result of work by a task force of officers from various departments. The charges stem from incidents at three convenience stores last month.

McKinley Daniels was arrested on Monday in connection with a different incident. Records from the State Law Enforcement Division indicate that McKinley Daniels was charged on Monday with possession of a stolen vehicle and five misdemeanor charges, including failure to stop for blue lights. His bail for those charges is $11,277.50.

The circumstances of Monday’s vehicle stop were not detailed.

Horry County police spokesman Lt. Raul Denis said officers received a lead that led them to a home in Loris where a person of interest was arrested.

Police said evidence found at the home connects the person to the death of Paruchuri; the armed robbery of the Scotchman convenience store on Lake Arrowhead Road; and the slaying of Trisha Stull. Denis would not say how the evidence links the person to the crime.

Denis said police aren’t sure if the suspects are connected to any other recent area robberies – at least 75 have been reported since October – but stated the public should now feel safe walking into a convenience store.

Paruchuri was gunned down while the suspects were leaving the store after demanding money out of the register. Surveillance video shows Paruchuri putting his hands in the air and cooperating with the robbers when he was shot multiple times, police said.

Trisha Stull had only worked at the Sunhouse store for a few weeks before she was shot twice; she hit the store’s panic button to silently alert police something was wrong inside the business, police said.

Denis said Friday police could not give more details about the investigation because it’s “ongoing.” He would not say whether additional arrests related to the crimes are likely.

Both McKinley and James Daniels have prior felony convictions, according to SLED records. McKinley Daniels was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2005 for three felony charges, including kidnapping and strong arm robbery, according to SLED records.

James Daniels’ criminal history includes a sentence of five years in prison in 2005 for convictions on the same three felony charges as McKinley Daniels. In 2009, he was sentenced to 261 days in jail for possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to SLED records.

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