Horry County man accused of offering cash to 13-year-old if she flashed him

A 13-year-old girl told police her friend’s father offered her cash to flash him, according to an incident report.

Paul Joseph Shuler, 31, of Carolina Forest is charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct with minor-commit/attempt lewd act (victim under 16 yrs & actor over 14 yrs).

The girl said her friend stepped out of the room while she was at his house and Shuler offered her a pink colored beverage and bet her that she couldn’t drink the entire thing without stopping. She drank two glasses, then Shuler, according to the report gave her a white pill he said was Tylenol that would help with a headache. The victim said she pretended to take the pill.

The girl said she felt different after the drinks and asked if she had been given alcohol when Shuler told her it was strawberry daiquiris, the report said.

Then she said he offered her $1 and then $20 to flash him.

The girl left when her friend returned to the room.

Shuler is being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center. His bail is set at $10,000.