He saw an overturned vehicle. Its occupants then had him drive them at gunpoint, report says

A man who stopped to check on the occupants of an overturned vehicle in the Loris area became a victim after those in the wrecked vehicle forced him to drive them at gunpoint then took his cellphone, according to an Horry County police report.

Police met with the victim at a location along S.C. 905 where he told Horry County officers he was traveling home from work. He said he came across an overturned vehicle along S.C. 348.

He told police he saw one man outside the vehicle and another trying to exit it. The victim got out of his car and went up to check on the men. The man already outside the vehicle then pulled out a black handgun, pointed it, and told the victim to get back into his car, the report states.

As the victim got back into his car, the suspect followed, got into his backseat, and held the victim at gunpoint, according to the report.

The other man at the scene who was struggling to free himself from the wrecked car was able to get out and pulled a large duffel bag out from the overturned car, police said.

The man then got into the victim’s car also. The victim told police the man had been hurt in the crash and was bleeding. The men told the victim to drive, and he was forced to take them to the area of S.C. 9 in Little River.

The suspects had the victim drive them to the Anderson Brothers Bank off S.C. 9, and once they were in the back parking lot, the men got out and headed toward Surfrider Boulevard, the report says.

The suspects took the victim’s cellphone with them when they left, police said.

The victim then drove to the nearest home of a person he knew and had them call 911. South Carolina Highway Patrol responded to the crashed vehicle. Police collected DNA evidence from blood found in the victim’s car, authorities said.

The report notes the investigation is ongoing.