An argument over the ‘going price of marijuana’ leads to criminal charges

Two men were cited for fighting early Sunday morning after an argument over the “going price of marijuana” led to a brawl with knives and sticks, according to a police report.

The men told police they were in the bathroom at Withers Swash Park when they started arguing shortly after midnight. The verbal exchange turned physical and both men admitted to police that they pulled knives on each other in the fight, according to the report.

One of the men told police he picked up a tree branch to defend himself after losing his knife as they exited the bathroom. The other man grabbed a “long stick” to use in defense of the tree branch, according to the report. The two chased each other around the park until they were “far enough away from each other” to start to calm down, the report stated.

Then police arrived on scene.

Both men, 49-year-old Christopher Michael Arbogast and 35-year-old Luis Samuel Concepcion, were cited for fighting.

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