Odor of marijuana coming from school bathroom leads to 15-year-old boy’s arrest

A 15-year-old boy was cited at Carolina Forest High School Tuesday in connection with smoking marijuana in the restroom, a report states.

Administrators told an Horry County police officer that a student had been smoking marijuana in the boys’ bathroom during lunch, according to an incident report.

Teachers walking past the bathrooms smelled what they thought was marijuana and alerted administrators, the report says.

Police viewed surveillance footage and said the only person to go into and leave the restroom was the boy cited.

The censored report states that items were photographed, but it’s unclear what police took pictures of. No actual marijuana was found, but there was a strong smell of the drug coming from the boy cited, police said.

The boy’s grandmother was called to the school, and he was issued a juvenile summons in connection with disturbing schools.