Cupid and Sassy: A Love Story

As we move toward Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a love story with you.

Many of you may remember the story of Sassy, the thoroughbred horse that almost died from starvation. Sassy was rescued and came to live at SC CARES in 2013 and has gained weight and survived a cancerous tumor and a heart murmur. Sassy not only was in dire straits physically, but she suffered psychologically watching her friend die, losing her paddock mate to such a terrible fate. What a sad state the poor horse was in.

Fast forward to present day and meet “Cupid,” another rescued horse that lives at SC CARES and yes, even his name has a Valentine theme! Cupid is a Mustang-Morgan mix who was brought to SC CARES in 2011. He made friends with the other equine residents but nothing like the friendship he and Sassy have now.

They are almost inseparable.

To see them together is so heartwarming knowing what they’ve been through bere they arrived here. Humans tend to think that emotions only apply to them, but at SC CARES we know these creatures feel the same emotions that we do. They suffer from loneliness, are afraid, feel pain and happiness and yes, enjoy companionship! Love is an amazing healer for humans and animals alike. Love can make a sad day bright or an empty heart fulfilled.

We may express these feelings differently but if you watch closely you can see these animals show their love for each other and if we’re lucky they express that love to humans too!

To meet Sassy and Cupid and the rest of the SC CARES family go to ; email us at or call 843-546-7893. SC CARES-236 Abbeville Dr., Georgetown, SC 29440.

If You Go

WHAT | 5th annual Chocolate and Champagne for the Creatures, a fundraiser for S.C. CARES

WHEN | February 13 from 5-9 p.m.

WHERE | The Cooper House, 6011 Dick Pond Road, Socastee

COST | $30 for one, $50 per couple. Ticket sales limited to 150.

TICKET INFORMATION | Skip Yeager or Cindy Hedrick, 843-546-7893 or log on to