Home Works a worthy cause to support in South Carolina

“We have gone from darkness to light.”

Those are the words of a homeowner after his home had been repaired by youth volunteers working with Home Works of America and his local power company had given him energy efficiency assistance.

Home Works of America is a nonprofit Christian organization based in Irmo. It’s adult and youth volunteers repair homes and restore hope to needy homeowners who are typically elderly or disadvantaged and are living on less than $12,000 per year. Since it was founded in 1996, more than 30,000 volunteers have joined to repair homes and bring hope to over 1,900 homeowners. Home Works receives support from business partners and welcomes donations and new volunteers.

In addition to repairing homes, Home Works helps young volunteers develop the spirit of giving and doing for others.

A Christmas card email from Home works reminded me of the volunteers I have met over the years as they worked to make homes livable and comfortable for homeowners in our area. It also reminded me of the homeowners I’ve met. They were always in dire need of help, and when the work was being done, were quick to say that they felt that they were experiencing miracles.

That’s what volunteers do in many different facets of life. They bring light to the darkness and they make what seems like miracles happen. They give their money or their time, or both, and they never expect anything in return. Volunteers are almost everywhere performing a vast array of r services ranging from feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, being role models for children who need them, making certain children are not without gifts during the holiday season — and working in so many more ways too numerous to list.

They not only help their fellow man, woman or child, they also contribute greatly to the beauty, the arts and the history of our area. They volunteer individually, on boards and commissions, at hospitals and nursing homes, at schools and in groups such as Friends of the Museum, Friends of the Library, Friends of Brookgreen Gardens and others.

If you are among the multitude of people who volunteer or donate to make the world a better place, thank you. You are bringing light, no matter what you are doing as a volunteer.

With individuals and families in our region still affected by the recent flooding, volunteer-driven organizations continue to need more donations this holiday season and throughout the year. In Georgetown County, St. Christopher’s Children is committed to providing clothes and shoes for needy children and has given to children in all of the schools. In a recent email promising assistance to 24 boys, St. Christopher’s founder Bob Pelletier wrote, “The demand has been exceptionally heavy this year partially due to the flooding that has devastated many families. We will have helped about 300 families this year.”

For more information about Home works of America, call 803-781-4536 or visit For St. Christopher’s Children, call 235-8001 or visit

Peggy Mishoe,, 365-3885.