Strand Notebook | No-kill shelter needs help to open

Belinda Mairowicz is working hard to open the Kind Keeper Animal Rescue in North Myrtle Beach. Through the kindness of others, she is getting some help, but she mostly has been alone in her attempt to open the no-kill rescue.

She needs more help if she is going to get the doors of Kind Keeper open.

Mairowicz, who moved to North Myrtle Beach from New Jersey in 2009, said she has always had a passion for animals and helped many before moving. She has also helped some local ones find homes, including a cat named Tin Tin that lost part of its leg and a foot when someone started a car while she was warming under the hood.

Mairowicz said that Kind Keeper Animal Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. She rented a building at 1500 LD Drive, North Myrtle Beach, and has to do more remodeling.

Depending on how much she has been able to get done in the past few days, the work that needs to be done includes repairing the siding on the house, getting gravel and labor for a driveway, lumber to repair decking, fencing and more crates.

She has a grooming room, and Lisa Garnish will be the groomer, she said.

Kind Keeper needs all the things that are necessary to make a charitable organization successful, including fundraisers and volunteers to help in several areas. A large part of donations will be used to feed the animals. In addition to dog, cat, puppy, kitten food, treats and bones, it needs all sorts of supplies, including toys, towels, blankets and beds.

As a no-kill shelter, Kind Keeper is committed to providing good medical care for the animals.

Through Kind Keeper, Mairowicz and others will continue to promote public awareness and education on the importance of spaying and neutering, responsible care, monthly preventative measures such as heartworm protection and understanding your pet’s needs, such as the proper temperature as seasons change, activity and human companionship and supervision. She said she plans to offer counseling to potential adopters in order to make the best possible matches, and that will require time, skill and the dependability of volunteers.

On the rescue’s website, you can read about Mairowicz’s long and determined effort to create the no-kill rescue while holding down a job as a waitress and doing much of the work alone. She prayed for the right name and got her answer when Kind Keeper came to mind, finding that it expressed the “essence of her endeavor: a giving heart, a spirit of loving kindness for God’s creatures and a conviction that we are responsible for nurturing and protecting domesticated companion animals who depend on human care.”

A fundraiser golf tournament is being held Aug. 15 at the Valley Golf Club, U.S. 17, Little River.

For information, to register or donate, visit the Kind Keeper website at, Kind Keeper Animal Rescue on Facebook or contact Mairowicz at 855-1398 or 427-4388.

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