Myrtle Beach-area birth announcements

Conway Medical Center

Tyler and Taylor Blackburn of Conway, a son, Braxton Tyler Blackburn, August 12

Cliff Pierre-Louis and Allysia Nicole Love of Myrtle Beach, a son, Piercen Scott Pierre-Louis, August 13

Ta’Saun Martin and Marzella Ebert of Conway, a daughter, Sienne KimberleyEbert, August 13

Brandon Prawl and Amber Oliver of Conway, a daughter, Bailee Prawl, August 13

Jonathan and Codi Español of Loris, a son, James Anthony Español, August 14

Matthew and Carley Zeglin of Conway, a daughter, Heidi Monroe Zeglin, August 14

Julio Cesar Ruiz and Veronica Reyes Paz of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Saydi Yarely Ruiz Reyes, August 15

Chase and Ashley Thompson of Conway, a son, Thiesyn Wes Thompson, August 15

Dylan and Angela Foster of Myrtle Beach, a son, Lennox Joseph Foster, August 15

Caleb and Kelly Morris of Conway, a daughter, Morrigan Charlotte Morris, August 15

Teresa Gaddy of Conway, a son, Anthony Michael Gore Jr, August 16

Matthew Maclellan and Amber Duncan of Conway, a son, Asher Levon Maclellan, August 16

Lane McLeod and Cynthia Perez of Conway, a son, Everette Jackson McLeod, August 17

Desiree D. Daniels of Conway, a daughter, Za’Riah Lashay Daniels, August 18

Joseph and Kasie Nickles of Surfside Beach, a daughter, Isla Maria Nickles, August 19

Compiled by Gail Traver,