Myrtle Beach-area birth announcements

Tidelands Health Waccamaw

Jobin and Veronica Black of Georgetown, a son, Jobin Zakari Black, July 29

Brian and Chante’ Jones of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Parker Marie Jones, July 29

Thomas Cabanaw and Taylor Miczek of Murrells Inlet, a son, Charlie Thomas Cabanaw, July 30

Brian Ericksen and Janelle Swanson of Myrtle Beach, a son, Theodore Ericksen, July 31

Eric and Brittany Landgraff of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Diana Rene Landgraff, July 31

Robby and Catherine Parrish of Myrtle Beach, a son, Ryne Joseph Parrish, August 1

Dyson Coker and Kelly Spradley of Murrells Inlet, a daughter, Lennox Rose Coker, August 2

Alexander Soto and Malia Dougherty of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Aedaline Mae Soto, August 2

Conway Medical Center

Samuel Searcy and Meaghan Wright of Conway, a daughter, Anna-Mae Elizabeth Searcy, July 29

Kenneith Bellamy and Cassidy Mooney of Myrtle Beach, a son, Karter Kevin Mooney, July 29

Michael Alexander Aguilar Garcia and Evelyn Lorena Corea Sevilla of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Daniela Alexandra Aguilar Corea, July 31

Cesar Jonathan Hernandez and Amanda Karla Gonzales of Myrtle Beach, a son, Jonathan Nicholas Hernandez, July 31

Wesley Somers and Madison Foust of Conway, a daughter, Lorelei Grace Somers, July 31

Kevin Shaw-Small and Angel Skulczyck of Myrtle Beach, a son, Giovanny Antonio Shaw, August 1

William Black and Michelle Teel of Conway, a daughter, Autumn LeeAnn Black, August 1

Christopher and Rebecca Groeper of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Brooklyn Makayla Groeper, August 2

Victor Livingston nd Treniece Baker of Conway, a son, Messiah Tacorey Livingston, August 2

Michael Herrera Yanez and Maythe Romero Gerardo of Conway, a son, Sebastian Herrera Gerardo, August 2

David Quinilla and Santos Lopez of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Destiny Quinilla Lopez, August 2

Clarence Crenshaw and Channie Leonard of Conway, a son, Dawson Len Crenshaw, August 5

Compiled by Gail Traver,