Myrtle Beach-area birth announcements

Tidelands Health Waccamaw

Dominick Carangelo and Jessica Lamb of Surfside Beach, a son, Dominick Louis Carangelo Jr, June 25

Conway Medical Center

Andres Bucup Son and Andrea Moreno Vazquéz of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Amalia Sofia Bucup Moreno, July 1

Stedman McRae and Margaret Tiggett of Conway, a daughter, Kami J’Nea McRae, July 1

Mitchell and Magan Benton of Conway, a son, Miles Joseph Benton, July 2

Angela Estela Gomez Gomez of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Zoe Alejandra Gomez Gomez, July 2

Matthew and Taylor Robinson of Conway, a daughter, Tinsley Nichole Robinson, July 3

Donald Simmons and Brittney Eisman of Myrtle Beach, a son, Kayden Jerome Simmons, July 3

Jonas Perez Perez and Emma Arias Salguero of North Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Emily Roxana Perez Arias, July 4

Ammon Malasky and Amanda Chambers of Anyor, a son, Elijah David Malasky, July 4

Johnathan Craig and Rebecca Soper of Conway, a son, Johnathan Taylor Craig II, July 5

Nada Hachem of Myrtle Beach, a son, Elai Ali Chemayssani, July 7

Ethan Thompson and Dennise Nickelson of Conway, a son, Julian Charles Thompson, July 8

Javon and Stormy Tobias of Conway, a daughter, Honnesty Javonna Tobias, July 8

Compiled by Gail Traver,