Myrtle Beach-area birth announcements

Tidelands Health Waccamaw

Jonathan and Briael Chadwell of Surfside Beach, a son, Elias Preston Chadwell, June 2

Brian and Summer Hughes, a son, Casen Crew Hughes, June 3

Tylar and Sarah Conner-Cronin of Georgetown, a daughter, Alyssa Jean Cronin, June 5

Morgan Sprinkle and Chris Crittings of of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Madelynn Mary Crittings, June 5

Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital

Derrick and Jessica Tompkins of Georgetown, a daughter, Alexa Bradlee Tompkins, June 7

Conway Medical Center

Apryl Frank of Aynor, a daughter, Ariyana Tenae Frank-Tindal, May 31

Rayon Walters and Jasmine Herstine of Conway, a son, Rayen Walters, June 3

Joshua and Crystal Rollings of Conway, a daughter, Adlee Faith Rollings, June 4

Izayia Good and Linnette Wingfield of Myrtle Beach, a son, Emmett Zay Good, June 4

Hunter and Taylor Dorman of Conway, a daughter, Ella-Kate Flynn Dorman, June 5

Rob and Amber Moretto of Conway, a son, Asher Maze Moretto, June 5

Demetri Jical Wilburn and Arionna Zykia Swinton of Conway, a son, Kyro Jical Wilburn, June 6

Daniel and Sheri Tanner of Myrtle Beach, a son, Dallas Orion Tanner, June 7

Marcus Trevor and Tawyon McGill of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Madisyn Jaliyah McGill, June 7

Dana Gamble and Kimberly Ann Manley of Conway, a daughter, Aaliyah Ann Gamble, June 9

Brett and Candice Dabbs of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Ameila Lake Dabbs, June 9

Manuel Uribe and Iris Martinez of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Yuritzy Uribe Martinez, June 9

Joseph Pandolfo and Elyse Jouett-Howard of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Maesyn Aaliyah Jouett, June 10

Compiled by Gail Traver,