Myrtle Beach-area birth announcements

Tidelands Health Waccamaw

Dan and Caroline Temple of Murrells Inlet, a son, George Griffin Temple, November 15

Jarrad Vandergrift and Brittany Outlaw of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Ariyah Nicole Vandergrift, November 27

Zane Yancey and Mallory Valentine of Pawleys Island, a son, Devlin Reid Yancey, November 29

John and Christina Drakeford of Myrtle Beach, a son, Aiden John Drakeford, November 30

Tidelands Georgetown Memorial

Joshua and Kyndel Hayes of Georgetown, a son, Maximus Orion Hayes, November 19

Conway Medical Center

Sterling Hogan and Tijuana Manuel of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Truly RyaLynn Hogan, November 19

Johnnie Taylor and Ashley McClelland of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Julianna Nova Taylor, November 19

Perla Hernandez of Myrtle Beach, a son, Liam Alejandro Hernandez, November 19

Saul and Mariela Gutierrez of Nichols, a daughter, Diana Gutierrez Castillo, November 19

Termaine and Julia Maxwell of Conway, twin daughters, Halley Mae Maxwell and Rion Jane Maxwell, November 19

Santini and Martina Washington of Conway, a son, Pedro Xavier Washington, November 19

Brendan and Danielle Pierce of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Emery Marilyn Pierce, November 20

Brandon and Katelynn Carter of Galivants Ferry, a daugher, Sophia Carter, November 20

Bekhzod Mavlyanov and Oyimbibi Khudaykulova of Myrtle Beach, a son, Oybek Bekhzodovich Madaminov, November 20

Robert and April Montgomery of Aynor, a daughter, Parker Ida Montgomery, November 20

Deshaun Walker and Shaniqua Ross of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Faith Jade Walker, November 20

Dewayne Grissett and Shonda Johnson of Nichols, a daugher, Abigail Olexus JoAnna Gressett, November 20

Crispin Gonzalez and Emilia Landero of Loris, a daughter, Lizbeth Gonzalez Landero, November 20

Chase MacDougall and Cheryenna Henderson of Conway, a son, Destin Jacob MacDougall, November 21

Jianchun Fan and Yunhui Yao of Conway, twin sons, Ethan C. Fan and Eli H. Fan, November 21

Jose Maria Sandoval Baza and Irene Galarza-Arroyo of Conway, a son, Damian Eden Sandoval, November 21

Keith and Angela Johnson of Conway, a son, Connor Richard Johnson, November 21

Ian and Loredana Garman of Myrtle Beach, a son, Calvin James Garman, November 21

Michael Azzarella and Hannah Lineback of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Lilyana Marina Azzarella, November 21

DaRon Gause and Ashley Brown of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Ava Gause, November 22

Teslim Akintunde Omofoyewa and Seira Tavon Harmon of Myrtle Beach, a son, Zamir Akintunde Omofoyewa, November 23

Tory Smith of Conway, a son, James Hudson Smith, Noember 25

Kevin Simpson and Jessica Grainger of Loris, a daughter, Harper Noel Simpson, November 26

Zachary Daniel Wheeler and Candace Leigh Collins of Conway, a son, Colby Lee Wheeler, November 26

Brenden Wellings and Emy Chamberlain of Conway, a daughter, Kenzie Jean Wellings, November 26

Geuorg Ghazaryan and Ana Vintu of Myrtle Beach, a son, Gabriel Ghazaryan, November 27

Patrick Fryer and Rachelle Howard of Loris, a daughter, Ryder Sue Fryer, November 27

Jordy and Casey Hughes of Galivants Ferry, a son, William Rivers Hughes, November 27

Brandon and Amber Jenkins of Conway, a daughter, Sydney Rae Jenkins, November 27

Bradley Benson and Brittany Osborne of Conway, a son, Sullivan Reid Benson, November 27

Jeremy and Sydney Hudson of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Olivia Parker Hudson, November 27

Jordan and Kandace Hyman of Conway, a son, Riggs Raybern Hyman, November 27

Josh Boyd and Mandy Perritt of Conway, a son, Waylon Hayze Boyd, November 28

Ben and Ashley Shifrin of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Riley Marie Shifrin, November 28

Clint and Kristen Watts of Tabor City, a daughter, Ashlyn Nicole Watts, November 28

Nemesio Chamu Duarte and Lessbi Alicia Roldan Castaneda of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Sophia Michelle Chamu Roldan, November 28

Luke and Brittany Chikeles of Conway, a daughter, Elise Kimber Chikeles, November 28

Billy and Becky Spence of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Koralyn Pearl Spence, November 30

Freddy Alejandro Biaggi and Vanessa Lilly Perez-Pinto of Conway, a son, Matteo ignacio Biaggi, December 1

Compiled by Gail Traver,